Eric follows the right link building approach. He's interested in links that are given based
on merit, and those are the links that stand the test of time -Matt Cutts, Google
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Eric Ward is THE authority on links -Danny Sullivan, SearchEngineLand
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Established in 1994, I create content publicity and linking strategies. I also offer consulting, training, backlink analysis and evaluation, linking blueprints, and outreach services. I publish a content strategies newsletter, and curate a web content promotion reading room with hundreds of my columns, videos, and presentations.

Content Promotion and Linking Plan Creation

A custom outreach plan/blueprint researched and created specifically for your site by Eric Ward, plus four one hour live phone calls.

Fee: $5,000 
($3,500 due up front, with the balance of $1,500 due when reports are delivered prior to our first private strategy call)

Does it work?

We followed the strategy you created for our site and we were skeptical,  but the bottom line is we now rank first at all the engines for our most important search terms, and the ranking has not decreased over the course of several engine updates.  Your link building strategy and services are the only things we have done, so it's pretty obvious you know what the hell you are doing.  My one complaint? Answer your phone more often!
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My Content Linking Strategic Plan for your site includes:

  • Detailed link portfolio evaluation of your site and others in your niche

  • I research, identify, evaluate, and create for you a private and 100% custom linking and publicity plan which targets high trust online venues that can be contacted to generate awareness, links, and publicity for your content/site

  • The plan includes multiple linking opportunities, from basic to highly vertical, to online public relations and social link building. My Content Promotion and Linking Plan takes over where generic link building always fails

  • Four hours live by phone with me to go over the reports and plan I've created, and to begin the link seeking process. We will use live screen sharing during the calls, which will be recorded live and given to you.


My Content Promotion and Linking Plan is a complete link marketing approach for your web content. I've been creating, executing and perfecting these plans since 1994. To the right are logos for some of the sites that have used my Link Marketing Blueprints This is a small sample. I've created over 150.

Going Beyond The Basics

Publicity and links to your site don't just come from other web sites.
While link building is important, if all you do is request links from a bunch of other web sites, you are missing many other important venues.  I'll research and compile for you a reviewed list of target venues that represent quality link targets for your content, including...

  • High Trust Links - editorially earned links are trusted and pure gold, but only from very specific online places and respected editors.  Not all sites are of the caliber that they can acquire these links, but for those that are, my approach will result in obtaining them.  I know where they are, and I know how to seek them properly.
  • Topically Relevant Links -  aka "Curated Hubs" within your niche, run by real people, not link farms or reciprocal link clubs.
  • Quality Links - from subject specific search engines that are a fit just for your site's content and features.  There are vertical search engines for hundreds of topics.  Over the years I've identified thousands across every imaginable topic.
  • Key Web Site Selector/Reviewers, both obvious, like FORBES Best of the Web, and nichefied depending on your site's subject matter. Here's a perfect example. There are thousands of these "under the radar" targets and contacts that will never appear in any public media directory, but which are considered trustworthy by the search engines, and solid sources of targeted traffic. Links from these venues are high quality links that result in improved trust, rank, and traffic for your content.
  • Blogs, Twitter, Social Linkers and Key Influencers. This is where link marketing and online PR really come into play. There are bloggers out there who are passionate about very specific topics, who can be approached (properly) to introduce your content to. This is completely different than paid blog spam/reviews. Example - one of my clients is a large family magazine publisher that launched a web site dedicated to kids Halloween costumes. I went out and found Blogs about Halloween. When I contacted those Blog owners and alerted them to the new site, most of them linked to it. These links are not for engines and rankings, they are links seen by people in the exact place they'd be most interested in them. While a rankings boost can also take place, this is just the residual effect of high merit content earning high merit links.
  • Private Online Groups that are a topical match for your content and that regularly write about (and link to) other sites.  I know how properly identify and contact private email and web based discussion groups that will accept links for quality web content within their discussion group. 
  • Online venues and email based newsletters that announce and review Web sites (many libraries publish these via email and the web).
  • My Blueprint Is Your Roadmap

    My Content Linking Strategic Plan is your roadmap for alerting the right people about your site in such a way that you increase your chances of earning links and publicity. You then take the plan and do it yourself, either on your own, or with some ongoing coaching from me. 

    The approach I have just outlined will result in a far better awareness building, publicity and link building campaign than you will ever get by just listing yourself in some directories, or sending an automated shot-gun press-release via PRweb or Businesswire. My clients will confirm this. I've spent hour after hour, day after day over many years perfecting what I do, and I know my stuff.

    For me, the process of awareness and link building for Web sites is not a task, but an art.


    What does the Linking Blueprint/Content Publicity Plan cost?
    $5,000 - with $3,500 due at the start, and $1,500 due prior to our final two hour phone call to go over the reports and plan.

    Next Steps

    How to Request a Linking Blueprint/Content Publicity Plan
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    Eric - the Content Publicity Plan was incredible and would have been worth twice the price, and even that would have been less than a monthly retainer to a PR firm.  Thanks!  -







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    hi eric  - i will create a category for web promotion and place you in it.
    jerry yang, yahoo, Dec, 1994 - read the full email

    Those who want the job done right by the best in the business flock to Eric Ward and count themselves lucky that the maestro isn't booked into the next millennium
    Jim Sterne, Inc. magazine

    Eric is a promotion and link  building guru with contacts that would make the New York Times envious
    Rand Fishkin,
    I can personally testify that working with Eric is exceptional. He sets a very high standard and you can tell he truly enjoys his work 
    Lee Odden, Online Marketing Blog
    Eric Ward is THE authority on links
    Danny Sullivan,

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